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The Audio Art Festival is over and I want to thank all people involved in the experience to realize MATCHPOINT here! First I want to thank all the audience members who took actively part by sending us their remarks on their expectations towards art that built the basis for our work. Thank you for your valuable inputs and the good thoughts about the project – very helpful in a project that transforms thought into sound 🙂

Second I want to thank Franciszek Araskiewicz who created the sound experiences and managed the brain wave interactions and i want to thank Konrad Geca, who addded his own version of an interaction between artist and audience and made the whole project possible at all with his profound and reliable background works.

And last but not least I want to thank Marek Choloniewski the artistic director of the festival for his extraordinary work on all levels of the festival!

During the festival we were able to realize several variations of MATCHPOINT in different locations. This offered us very helpful insights in the power and the limitations of the setting and gives valuable inspirations for the further development of Matchpoint that we will realize together with Franciszek in December in Munich.

Let’s keep in touch.

Description of what MATCHPOINT is all about.


Matchpoint is an ongoing research project trying to explore the intensities of art experiences. We are interested in learning about expectations audiences have when they are looking for an art experience. Are there any? Or do they want to experience the unimaginable? Do they long for something art might offer them? I am interested in hearing the stories of memorable encounters.



From 19th-22nd of November at the AUDIO ART FESTIVAL:

Description of the setting:

We asked 4 audience members to send us texts about their experiences with art and their expectations towards art. On the basis of these texts we created individualised material for the performances.

During the performance the participating audience members were connected with a brain wave detection system that responded to imaginary answers related to a series of individual questions that were projected on a screen, readable for the general audience and the persons on stage. The listeners experienced a sound meditation on the relations between art and audiences.

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